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Military Base and Ship Nicknames

Military Base and Ship Nicknames

The Origins of Base Nicknames

Military personnel have long had a tradition of taking the name of a military installation or ship and turning it into something lighthearted and amusing. This practice has its origins in the need for camaraderie and a release from the often strict and serious nature of military life. The witty and playful nature of base nicknames serves as a way for troops to bond, inject humor into their daily routines, and forge a sense of identity within their units.

Spangdahlem Spangquentin base sign

One reason behind this tradition is the ability to find humor in the sometimes mundane or challenging aspects of military life. Through the use of clever wordplay or unexpected associations, personnel can create nicknames that elicit laughter and provoke a sense of collective amusement. These names often highlight characteristics or quirks of the base, unit, or even specific individuals, turning them into inside jokes that are shared and enjoyed by all. The process of transforming a formal name into something funny adds an element of creativity and playfulness to the everyday routines of military life, bringing levity to otherwise serious situations.

List of Military Base and Ship Nicknames

Here is a list submitted by the followers of the Maintainer Humor Facebook page. It is by no means a complete list. 


Edwards AFB – Eddies Airplane Patch, Deadwards

Holloman AFB - The Black Hole, HELL-oman, Ho-Ho Land

Offutt AFB - once you get on it you can't get off-it, Awful Offutt

Seymour-Johnson AFB - Seymour Desert, Seymour Sand, Seymour Saudi, Shady J’s, The Plantation, Surge More Johnson, See My Johnson, Seemy Johnson

Fort Huachuca - Fort We-gotcha

Shaw AFB – Shawshank, Shawraq, Share Husbands And Wives, Shawdia Arabia, Separated Husbands And Wives, Stay Here A While

NAS Whidbey - The Rock

CFB Borden – CFB Boredom

CFB Valcartier - Valcatraz

CFB Cold Lake - Cool Pool

Barksdale AFB – Barkatraz, Barfsdale,

RAF Mildenhall – Moldy Hole, Milden-hood

Spangdahlem AB – Spangquinton, Spangladesh,

Kandahar AB - Kandyland

Al Udeid AB - Rehab

Naval Station Great Lakes - Great Mistakes

Al Asad Air Base - Camp Cupcake

Lackland AFB - Happy Valley, Slackland

Iceland Defense Force - Idle Defense Force

NAS Lake Charles - Lake Mistake

Blytheville AFB – Hootersville, Blahville

Ft Leonard Wood – Ft Lost in the Woods

Ft Eustis - Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks, Ft Useless

Al-Kharj AB - Al’s Garage

RAF Woodbridge - The Country Club

Walter Reed - Wally Wonderful, Wally World

Ellsworth AFB - Hellsworth

Pope AFB - No hope Pope, FayetteNam

K.I. Sawyer AFB - K.I. Siberia

Travis AFB - AlcaTravis

RAF Lakenheath – Lakengrief, Lakenhood, Lakenhell, Lakenheap

Davis Monthan AFB - (DM) Don’t Move

Joint Base McGuire Ft Dix Lakehurst - McDixhurts, Magoo, McDickLake, Quagmire

29 Palms MCAS - 29 Stumps

Dover AFB – Bendover, Hold over Dover, It's Over at Dover

Dyess AFB - Did You Expect Such Sh_t?, Did You Enjoy Saturday and Sunday, Sheppard South

Laughlin AFB – Laugh-In

Mountain Home AFB - Never Home, Mountain Hole, Mountain Goat

Minot AFB - Why not Minot?

Kadena AFB – Okitraz, K town, Oki nowhere, The Rock, Two baby tour

F.E. Warren AFB - Frankie Warren's rocket ranch

Wright-Patterson AFB - Right-pitiful, Wrong-Patt.

RAF Upper Heyford – Upper Haystack, Upper Hemorrhoid

Cannon AFB – Afcannistan, AfCannonstan, Cannondahar, Clovisdishu, Little P Sab

Hurlburt Field – Hurlbutt, Herbie Field, Hurbie

Tinker AFB – Stinker, Tinkerbell

MacDill AFB – Tampastan, MacChill

Loring AFB – Boring Loring

McChord AFB – McChode, McCloud

Joint Base Lewis-McChord - JBLAM!!!

Masirah Oman - Moon Base Alpha

Sheppard AFB - Sheppard University, Sheepturd AFB

Vandenburg AFB - Vandyland

Ft Bliss - "McGregorstan" Base Camp McGregor

Cherry Point MCAS - Cherry Pit

Fairbanks - Thunderdome/North Pole/Santa’s House

Elmendorf AFB - The Dorf, Elmo

Fort Liberty – Fort Liberty Biberty

MCAS Iwakuni - MCAS Iwa No Nookie

Grand Forks AFB - El Forke Grande

Randolph AFB - Randy air patch

PSAB - Poop Smell Air Base

Clark AFB - Clap Air Base

Andersen AFB - Vietguam

RAF Bentwaters - Bendover

Pentagon - Magical Puzzle Palace


Camp Darby - Camp Dumpy

Kunsan AB - The Kun

Camp Lemonnier - Camp Lemonade, Duty in the Bouti

Ft Rucker - Mother Rucker

Moody AFB - Pope South

NAS Lemoore - Hellmoore

Tripler Medical Center - Tripler the Crippler

NAF El Centro - Hell Centro

JBLM - Just Blow Me

Yakima Training Center - Yakistan

Cell Block 70 (CVN-70 USS Carl Vinson)…

Kandahar AB – The Great Poo Pond

Hanscom AFB - Camp Runamock

Fort Know - Fort Hard Knocks

Fairchild AFB - Freestyle Fairchild

Ali Al Salam AB - Ali Al Salami

RAF Bentwaters  - Crooked Creek

RAF Marham currently AKA Berlin

Ramstein AFB - Ramshaft

Eglin AFB - Happy Valley

Chucktown-Charleston AFB,

Goodfellow AFB - Goodbuddy or Nice Guy AFB.

Subic Bay - Pubic Bay

Bagram AB - “The Bag”

Moody AFB located near "Valdumpster"

Balad AB - Mortaritaville

Fort Bragg = Fayettenam

Aviano AB - Avi-Hell No!

Ft Puke - Ft Polk, La

RAAF base Williamtown Aus, aka Billsville, Willytown

Peterson AFB - Peterstain AFB

Langley AFB - The black hole

Guam - Guam-tanamo

Navy Vessel Bonhomme Richard - Welcome Dick

Ft. Jackson - Relaxin’ Jackson

The Hard Knox - Ft. Knox

Charleston AFB - Chucktown

Grissom AFB - Gruesome Grissom

Warner Robins AFB - Warner Bubba

Ft. Polk - Ft. Puke

RAF Benson - Sleepy Hollow

Castle AFB - Castrated AFB

Senior Cockienham was called "Two Meats".

Kirtland AFB - Kirtlandistan

(RAF) Fairford on the Farm

Hill AFB - Hell AFB

Beale AFB - Black hole Beale

Richards-Gebaur AFB - Dicky Goober

Little Rock AFB - Shit Rock

Kwang Ju, S. Korea - Kwang Bang

Fort Jackson - Fort Joke

Fort Stewart - Fort Stupid

Elmendontsetoffthefiresuppresionsystemagain AFB

USS Abraham Lincoln - “Stinkin’ Lincoln” and “Cell Block 72”.

Chanute AFB - Don’t shoot them, Chanute them

How Base Nicknames Reflect Military Culture

Base nicknames serve as a testament to the unique and often humorous culture that permeates the military. These monikers, crafted by the men and women who serve on these bases, reveal the camaraderie and lightheartedness prevalent within military units. Soldiers, sailors, and airmen adopt these nicknames as a way to bond and find solace amidst the demanding and sometimes grueling nature of their duties.

In the world of military culture, it is not uncommon for a solemn and austere place to be transformed into something funny and light-hearted. Bases that have been christened with humorous nicknames acquire an aura of levity and playfulness, offering a momentary respite from the rigors of military life. From tongue-in-cheek puns to clever wordplay, these nicknames demonstrate the ingenuity and creative spirit of those who proudly serve their country. By incorporating humor into the very fabric of their professional lives, military personnel forge deeper connections with one another, creating an environment where morale is boosted and camaraderie flourishes.

The US Pentagon

The Puzzle Palace

Famous Base Nicknames Throughout History

Over the course of history, military bases have acquired famous nicknames that have become ingrained in the collective memory. These nicknames not only serve as a source of amusement, but they also reflect the unique camaraderie and humor within the military culture. Take, for example, the notorious nickname given to Camp Bastion in Afghanistan during its occupation by British forces – "Camp Shorabak." This play on words combines the original Pashto name of the camp with a humorous twist, showcasing the soldiers' ability to find levity in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Similarly, the United States Navy's Naval Air Station Pensacola, located in Florida, earned the moniker "Cradle of Naval Aviation." This beloved nickname harks back to the base's long-standing history in training naval aviators and highlights its indispensable role in shaping the future of naval aviation. Such famous base nicknames not only serve as a means of fostering esprit de corps among military personnel but also give these installations a unique identity that is ingrained in the annals of military history.

The Evolution of Base Nicknames

Throughout the years, the evolution of base nicknames within the military has been a fascinating phenomenon. These nicknames often emerge from the necessity of finding humor in the demanding and often dangerous environments that military personnel find themselves in. Regardless of the seriousness of their mission, soldiers have a remarkable ability to lighten the mood through creative wordplay, adopting playful monikers for their bases.

Ft Eustis base sign

Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks

These base nicknames can arise from a variety of sources. Sometimes, it's simply a matter of abbreviation or abbreviation gone awry. For example, McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey is affectionately known as "McGwire" by those stationed there. Similarly, Fort Belvoir in Virginia has been playfully called "Fort Leave" due to both its proximity to Washington, D.C. and the inclination of soldiers to make lighthearted plans during their downtime. These names are not designed to disrespect or belittle the importance of military operations—they are born out of a need for camaraderie, humor, and a way to cope with the challenges of military life.

The Role of Nicknames in Boosting Morale

Military bases play a crucial role in boosting the morale of personnel stationed there, and one way in which this is achieved is through the use of nicknames. These light-hearted monikers provide a sense of camaraderie among service members and contribute to a shared identity within the base. Nicknames often arise from a play on words, referencing the base's location, history, or unique characteristics. For example, a base located near a popular fishing spot may be affectionately called "The Anglers' Den," while a base known for its rigorous training programs might earn the nickname "The Iron Forge." By giving these lighthearted titles to their bases, military personnel can foster a sense of pride while injecting an element of humor into their daily lives.

Moreover, nicknames serve as a form of shorthand communication within the military community, strengthening bonds and promoting a sense of belonging. These monikers not only convey information but also elicit emotions and memories associated with the specific base. When servicemen and women refer to their base by its nickname, it creates an instant connection and fosters a sense of shared experiences. This can be particularly important for military personnel as they often undergo significant challenges and sacrifices during their time in service. By using humorous and memorable nicknames, morale is boosted, creating an environment where individuals can find solace and support among their fellow comrades.

Unusual and Surprising Base Nicknames

The creativity and sense of humor of military personnel often shine through in the nicknames they come up with for their bases. Some bases have names that are intended to be amusing or lighthearted, showcasing the camaraderie and unique bond that forms within military units. These unusual base nicknames can range from playful references to local landmarks or culture, to puns or wordplay that poke fun at the base's location or purpose. Such inventive nicknames not only provide a source of entertainment for personnel, but they also serve as a reminder of the resilience, adaptability, and wit that are essential qualities in the military.

In other instances, the surprising base nicknames come from unexpected connections or historical events. These connections could be as simple as a shared name between a base and a popular movie or book character, or they could be linked to notable events in history. For example, a base may be named after a significant figure or location in a past military operation, leading to a nickname that playfully exaggerates or distorts the original name. These surprising base nicknames add an element of intrigue and intrigue, sparking conversations and fostering a sense of pride and identity among the military personnel stationed there.

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