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The Legendary 101st ARW Stickers

The Legendary 101st ARW Stickers

Where Readers Have Found "Maineiacs" Stickers

The Air National Guard's 101st Aerial Refueling Wing, flying KC-135R Stratotankers out of Bangor ME are probably the most prolific of the zappers in the USAF, and have been for a long time. You can’t ride on a military bus or visit an airport USO without seeing one of their stickers aka zaps stuck somewhere. "Zapping" or "Tagging" is the action of placing a sticker from your unit onto another units aircraft or equipment. It often extends to anything that a sticker will adhere to, and the "Maineiacs" are legendary about getting them placed in locations that seem obscure, unexpected, or difficult to access. Read on to see Maintainer Humor's readers comments on where they have discovered them.

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F-16 sticker or zap


This Maineiacs sticker was spotted on a famous brand cruse ship.

Maineiacs sticker found on a cruise ship


Happy to see the #MAINEiacs coming up on this page. A great organization with a long and storied history in the tanker community. As a current member…I just so happen to have a handful of zaps in the glove box of my pickup for those special locations that might present themselves as needing a little love!

Best spot I’ve ever seen a Maineiacs Zap was IN a flightline urinal at a CENTCOM base….right where the stream hits…..

Rumor has it, there’s one on the Eiffel Tower. Every time the French removed it, another would appear within 24 hours. They finally gave up and left it. The Antonov had one at eye level when you stepped in the door.

You don't even have to be looking for them. I've seen them just about everywhere around the world that I've been...stateside or overseas. Pretty impressive.

I got one when they came to Guam for a TDY rotation.

Under the ejector pump floorboards on a 135 or in the left main gear well of an RAF Tornado. There is no place they can’t get to.

34 year MAINEiac here. Whenever I was TDY at an AF base anywhere, I used to take the clear cover off the wall clock and put a sticker on the face of the clock. Then cut the little airplane off another sticker and apply it to the second hand so that it flew around and around. The biggest one I applied was a 6 ft wide MAINEiac on the roof of the bar hooch at Incirlik AB, Turkey back in the Deny Flight Tent City days. I also stuck one dead center on a podium just moments before General Ron Fogleman spoke at a symposium. The CCTV showed him and the sticker on the big screen for everyone to see.

There was one printed in the 135-1 (Technical Order). On the page that showed where on the Electronic Rack the Autopilot Amp was located, the Amp had one stuck on it. I truly have no idea how that happened.

I once saw one high up on the vertical of a KC-135. (This is one on an airliner)

Maineiacs sticker on an airliner tail

There was one on the door to the Subway/Green Bean at Bagram back in 2016.

The best zap was at the blue lagoon resort in Iceland about 20 feet up in the dome over the spa

Just saw one of there on a random bar door in Knoxville TN

So, was visiting the imperial war museum in Duxford England, saw the Concorde they have on display and sure enough there was a Maineiacs sticker on not only the steps leading onto the jet, but also on the inside.

I’m from Maine. Was surprised to see a maniacs sticker inside one of the planes I worked on in the Navy. They are everywhere lol

The list of “Where AREN’T there MAINEiacs stickers/zaps?” is probably shorter. I remember seeing them while on the road in the other service, before I joined the USAFR.

Maineiacs sticker on a KC-135R refueling boom

Alpena JRTC Michigan at the River Club.

I saw one on a pipe in the student dorms of the ART-CR course on Ft. Dix

As a kid in the 70s at every base we visited.

This is their game.. and they are winning!

Everywhere I've been, I've seen a Maineiacs sticker. Everywhere

I’ve seen them put a huge zap on a B-1. Like up by the cockpit. They also zapped my jet when it came through. In the speed brakes. QA wrote me up for that one.

Was very impressed to see one at the Vatican!

Under a pew at the Vatican.

Spotted one on the guard rail outside the gift shop on Hogback Mt. In Vermont. 

Maineiacs sticker on a pole near Big Ben

Everywhere in the tanker world and beyond. lol.

Funny thing is that they had a running contest with NH ANG and they would try and tag over each others zaps… NH even made their stickers the same shape, but just slightly larger so that it would cover the Maine zap completely… lol.

They're in submarines too...

Yep, every time they would go somewhere they would give each member a stack to go forth and tag it up!

I saw one halfway up the T-tail ladder inside the vertical stab of a C-5. Those guys are as crazy as the Aussies.

The amount of times I’ve come across one of those and say out loud “How did they get up there?”

I saw one in the O-club bar at RAF Alconbury in 2001. Also in the little choke and puke outside the front gate at mountain home AFB in 1994. Oh—and at RAF Duxford on the side of the Concorde in the museum.

We always said you know your deployment was too long when you come home and find a Maineiac sticker on your bed frame.

Maineiacs sticker inside another aircraft


At least three left in the AFWATCH in the Pentagon that they haven't found yet lol.

It's like they issue members a stack of 100 each UTA. I was walking down a road in Cochem, Germany and there on the back of a road sign was one of those stickers.

What carnival ship was it? Cannot confirm or deny we may have involvement to the placement of stickers.

MacDill jet in Bangor, it was broke hard. So, it became an honorary MAINEiacs plane. August 2019.

MacDill jet in ME with a Maineiacs zap applied


There’s one here in a Bar and Grill off base, on the draft beer side panel.

They put a massive one (maybe 10’ long), over their dorm entrance at the Deid a couple years ago. The General said, “I’d tell em to take it down but they would just put another one up next week”

Bathroom urinal St Peter's basilica at Vatican.

Barrio Brewing in Tucson. Back corner of the bar, wasn’t expecting to see a piece of Bangor there.

A very small drinking establishment in soho London and in a hut selling beer on the top of Mt. Fuji

In AMS, the Chief came out and yelled at all of us, “And if I find one damned Maineiacs sticker on my base, you will all suffer!” At least a dozen appeared in creative places during that class alone.

In a bar and grill here in OKC.

Have seen them from Alpena Michigan to Djibouti and everywhere in between

I saw one in Germany. In the turret of an M-1 (A-Nothing) Abrams. Back when almost everything in and on that tank was classified. They do it by osmosis.

There are a few at the AFB I’m at in Mass, and saw a bunch at a deployed location in Saudi

I found one of these stickers on the underside of a toilet seat in Korea, I was equally impressed and grossed out.

Stack of Maineiacs stickers


Saw one in a flight line bus in Kansas.....up on forward bulkhead where it said "no stickers"

I saw one in the British Royal Engineers museum inside a Range Rover on a diorama.

I see Maineacs zaps in the most random places. Saw one in the Swizzle Inn in Bermuda recently.

I saw one on the inside of a gondola at Sugar Bowl ski area in NorCal.

They even zapped a burned out, rusted tank from WWII in Guam

Yo for real. Like literally everywhere I have traveled all over the world. Lol

I remember these stickers all over Al Udeid

The Maine ANG is by far the best at spreading their stickers around.. From every corner of the U.S., to Germany Guam, Japan and even on a tug in W. Africa (came from Italy/Germany), those guys put that sticker on everything. It’s impressive as hell. I always try to bring NH ones with me to put next to them.. haha

Got the inside of our toilet. Very dedicated

When I was at Andersen AFB, Guam these clowns somehow zapped the roof of our smoke pit. That lived rent free in my head, every day, for a good 4 years! Like 20 feet up on the roof ridge! I sometimes still try to wrap my head around how they got up there? The concrete picnic tables are the highest point you could climb up to, they were only like 3.5ft off the ground, and the end of the closest table was about 6ft from the wall.. at least.


Exploring the Legacy of the 101st Aerial Refueling Wing and the "Maineiacs" Stickers

In the realm of military aviation, symbols and insignias hold a significant place, often embodying the spirit, pride, and camaraderie of the units they represent. Among these symbols, the "Maineiacs" stickers of the 101st Aerial Refueling Wing of the Maine Air National Guard stand out as a unique and cherished tradition. These stickers, emblazoned with the word "Maineiacs" and an evergreen tree and stylized aircraft, have become synonymous with the unit's identity and its global footprint. To understand the significance of these stickers, we must delve into the rich history and operational excellence of the 101st ARW.


Origins and Heritage

The 101st Aerial Refueling Wing traces its lineage back to World War II, when it was established as the 406th Fighter Group on December 8, 1943. Originally formed to provide tactical air support in Europe, the unit distinguished itself in numerous campaigns, including the D-Day invasion and the Battle of the Bulge. After the war, the 406th Fighter Group was re-designated as the 101st Fighter Group and later transitioned to the role of an air defense unit.


In 1962, the unit underwent another transformation, becoming the 101st Air Refueling Wing. This change marked the beginning of its aerial refueling mission, a critical role that involved extending the operational range of military aircraft by refueling them mid-flight. Over the years, the 101st ARW honed its capabilities, earning accolades for its professionalism and effectiveness in supporting both domestic and international missions.


Mission and Capabilities

As part of the Maine Air National Guard, the 101st ARW operates out of Bangor Air National Guard Base, located at Bangor International Airport. Its primary mission is aerial refueling, accomplished using the versatile KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. These massive tankers serve as the lifeline for countless military operations, enabling fighter jets, bombers, and other aircraft to reach distant locations without the need for frequent refueling stops.


The 101st ARW's contributions extend far beyond its home base in Maine. Through its participation in various operations and exercises, the unit plays a vital role in global power projection and deterrence. Whether supporting combat operations, conducting humanitarian missions, or providing aerial refueling for training exercises, the 101st ARW exemplifies the Air National Guard's commitment to service and readiness.


The Spirit of the Maineiacs

At the heart of the 101st ARW's identity lies the spirit of the "Maineiacs." This term, a playful nod to the unit's Maine roots, embodies the resilience, determination, and camaraderie of its members. The "Maineiacs" stickers, featuring an evergreen tree and an aircraft, serve as a tangible symbol of this spirit, adorning everything from aircraft to equipment and even personal belongings.


The tradition of the "Maineiacs" stickers dates back several decades, originating as a lighthearted way for unit members to personalize their gear and express pride in their unit affiliation. Over time, these stickers gained widespread popularity within the military community and beyond, becoming a familiar sight in air bases, deployments, and training exercises around the world.


Global Presence, Local Pride

One of the most remarkable aspects of the "Maineiacs" stickers is their ubiquitous presence across the globe. From remote airfields in the Middle East to bustling military installations in Europe and Asia, these stickers serve as a silent testament to the reach and influence of the 101st ARW. Wherever they go, unit members proudly display their "Maineiacs" stickers, forging connections and fostering camaraderie with fellow service members from different backgrounds and units.


For those serving far from home, the sight of a "Maineiacs" sticker can evoke feelings of nostalgia and belonging, reminding them of their roots in the Pine Tree State. Even in the midst of challenging deployments or austere environments, these stickers serve as a source of comfort and solidarity, uniting service members under a common banner of pride and heritage.


Commemorating Service and Sacrifice

Beyond their symbolic value, the "Maineiacs" stickers also carry a deeper significance as tokens of remembrance and honor. For the men and women of the 101st ARW, each sticker represents not only their own service but also the sacrifices of those who came before them. Whether paying tribute to fallen comrades or commemorating historic missions, these stickers serve as poignant reminders of the unit's legacy and the bonds that endure across generations.


In addition to their role in honoring the past, the "Maineiacs" stickers also inspire future generations of service members, instilling a sense of pride and tradition in those who carry on the unit's legacy. As new recruits join the ranks of the 101st ARW, they receive their own "Maineiacs" stickers, symbolizing their induction into a proud lineage of service and excellence.



In the annals of military history, symbols and insignias often serve as enduring reminders of the values and traditions that define a unit. For the 101st Aerial Refueling Wing of the Maine Air National Guard, the "Maineiacs" stickers represent more than just a whimsical emblem—they embody the spirit of pride, camaraderie, and service that has sustained the unit through decades of operations and deployments. As these stickers continue to adorn aircraft and equipment around the world, they serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of the 101st ARW and the indomitable spirit of the "Maineiacs" who proudly bear its name.

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