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Cavemen or USAF Crew Chiefs

Cavemen or USAF Crew Chiefs

(Editors note. Some USAF Crew Chiefs complained that a previous blog had too many words, bad pictures, and the blog itself made no sense and was obviously not written by a maintainer. So we hired a real maintainer and tasked him with writing a blog. He did his best. BTW - if your unit would like to order customized reflective belts, you can get them at Challenge Coin Nation.)

Now - onto the blog.

Ugga dugga. Me Thog and me see big silver bird in sky. Big bird make loud noise, then big bird stop, fall from sky. Me go see big bird, it broken. Me scratch head, think hard. Big bird have big wings, metal skin. Me not know how to fix big bird, but me want big bird fly again.

Me look around, find other cavemen. Me point at big bird, make sad face. Other cavemen make sad face too. Me grunt, point at big bird again, make motion with hands. Other cavemen nod, understand. We gather rocks, sticks, and animal skins. Me not know what to do, but me want big bird fly again.

Me climb on big bird, look inside. Big bird have many strange things inside. Round things, shiny things, and lots of strings. Me pull strings, poke round things, but big bird not wake up. Me scratch head again, feel frustrated. Other cavemen watch, make grunting sounds. Me not give up, want big bird fly again.

Me find big box with pictures on it. Pictures show how big bird should look inside. Me point at pictures, show other cavemen. They nod, understand. Me try to fix big bird like pictures show. Me hit things with rocks, tie things with animal skins. Big bird still not wake up. Me feel tired, sit down, look at broken big bird.

Other caveman have idea. He find shiny rock, hit round thing with it. Big bird make noise, rumble like angry mammoth. Me excited, jump up and down. Other cavemen cheer, clap hands. Me hug shiny rock caveman, happy we fix big bird.

But big bird not fully fixed. Me see big hole in metal skin. Something come out, dripping on dirt. Me think hard, then point at hole, make fix motion with hands. Other cavemen nod, understand. Me find sticky tree sap, put it on animal skin, cover hole. Stuff not come out anymore. Me feel proud, point at big bird, make happy face.

Now, big bird ready to fly. Me climb inside with other cavemen. Me pull strings, push round things. Big bird make loud noise, then start to move. Me scream with joy, other cavemen scream too. Other cavemen pat me on back, make happy grunts. Me proud we fix big bird to make it fly again. Me happy caveman, fix bird with pride in heart.

Caveman not wearing reflective belt
Doof wasn't wearing his reflective belt

But sad thing happen. Caveman name Doof working on big bird at night. No torches or fire. Get run over by Og riding big lizard. We tell Doof to wear customized village shiny belt when sun go down, but Doof no listen. Doof flat now.

Get unit customized reflective belts from Thog.

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